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Best of KC: Kauffman Stadium

Best of KC / June 1, 2018

Baseball season is in full swing and though the Royals aren’t hot, the stadium is! It’s the place to be in the summertime. Major league baseball is the chilliest sport in the summertime. It’s safe, relaxing, and fun for everyone. Celebrate summer by heading out to the K!

The outfield experience

If you haven’t toted a small army of kids to the K, then you’re missing out on a totally different ballgame experience. A playground, a carousel, mini golf, batting cages, a pitching mound, and a chance for the little guys to try and hit the ball over the outfield wall—it’s one of the most kid-friendly places in Major League Baseball. Some of the activities cost a few tokens, but if you’re heading to a professional sporting event with your family, aren’t you already planning on spending a small fortune, anyway?

The fountains

Those fountains are a gift from God on a hot summer day! When you just get stand to sit in your sticky seat an longer, your elbows greased with sweat from the guy next to you, take a stroll to the outfield and let the cool mist spraying from the fountains refresh you. And from your seat, aren’t they just beautiful? Show some Kansas City pride—love those fountains!

The Barbecue Pit

It wouldn’t be Kansas City without some barbecue! Sponsored by Sweet Baby Ray’s—does it get any better?—they feature a full menu of brisket, ribs, fries, and more. And you can watch the game from the picnic tables with all the flat-screens strategically mounted in prime viewing areas.

Other great foods

Health food at a baseball game? Kauffman Stadium is making it happen! Look for the newly renovated Price Chopper Market Place to purchase salads, wraps, grilled chicken sandwiches, veggies burgers and healthy snacks. And just to make it even more enticing, it also boasts the fastest food service in the stadium.

And check out the Kansas City CHZ Steak kiosk above section 249 when you’re in the mood for a Philly cheese steak, a chicken Philly, or a veggie Philly. And at Custom Crust, you can try one of the specialty pizzas or design one of your own pizza! And when you’re in the mood for some traditional ballgame fare, check out the Miller Lite Fountain Bar or the Rival Sports Bar. Wings, burgers, brats, and hotdogs—they have it all! Plus a nice cold beverage to wash it all down.

The ice cream

Did someone say Belfonte’s? Yes, I did. Loudly. Because it’s amazing. If you’re early enough, you can head up the long line at Belfonte’s Ice Cream Shop in the outfield. Get it fresh dipped and add the toppings of your choice. Or grab a pint at one of the concession stands around the stadium.

Hall of Fame

Royals Hall of Fame is an education and entertainment venue that blends a museum with the fun of a ballpark! Find artifacts, photos, documents, and multimedia experiences that trace the history of professional baseball in Kansas City from its inception in 1884. Plus a lot more items that celebrate the history of the World Series—really cool stuff! And the best part is it’s free on game days!

So much parking

Don’t discount this perk, people! Sure, there are no bars to walk to after pouring out of the stadium, nor is there any eco-friendly mass transit to shuttle people back and forth. But those parking lots are vast! Room for oversized SUV’s, party limos, and charter busses, plus thousands of normal sized cars.


And there’s surely lots of other cool stuff tucked in nooks and crannies or behind the scenes that I don’t even know about. But it’s worth checking out! For more tips on navigating professional baseball stadiums or hiring top talent, check out our website at

Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh