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Sleigh Your Job Search This Winter

News / December 11, 2023

Ho, ho, hold on! We heard you are hunting for a new job. You’re in luck because our team has some great tips for you to sleigh your job search this winter.

Take Care of Yourself

First things first, we know how daunting a new job search can be. Make sure that you are taking care of your mental and physical health during this time of change. Take time each day to get fresh air and movement. The better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and the smoother your job search will go.

Be Patient

It’s important to remain positive and flexible during your job search. The winter season is a time of change, packed with company holiday events, meetings, and vacations. Response times may be slow, so keep your head up if you don’t hear back right away. Be patient and stay motivated.

Work with a Recruiting Firm

Whether you’re in the beginning or middle or your job search, recruiters are a helpful resource with many benefits. Kansas City recruiters, like many recruiters everywhere, have access to jobs that aren’t public and are experts at keeping your search confidential. Research the right recruiting firm that will match your needs.

Establish a Daily Routine

Stick to a schedule during the day. Daily structure can help you keep your momentum when hunting for new opprotunities. Set working hours and use this time to apply for jobs, acquire new skills, and research roles/companies you’re interested in.

Attend Seasonal Networking Events

Take advantage of holiday gatherings and local networking events. They are plentiful this season and you’re sure to meet new people. Expand your network and connect with professionals at industry-related events. Try researching local networking events in your area. You never know what opprotunities lie behind hidden doors!

Update your Resume

This is the perfect time to update your resume. Add your most recent position along with responsibilities and relevant skills. Ensure that your formatting is consistent and that your content is clear.

Polish Your Socials

Many of us have a variety of social media accounts. Take time to make all personal social media private. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding job opprotunities. Use it to connect with Kansas City recruiters, or the local recruiters in your area. Ensure you have a professional profile picture without other people. Make sure that any positions and dates on your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. Remember, if it’s on the internet, it’s there forever!


Written by Kendall Jackson

Marketing Specialist at Chief of Staff KC


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