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At Chief of Staff, we know people,
business, and Kansas City.


If you’re looking for the best job recruiters in Kansas City, let’s talk. We listen carefully, act responsively, and have a comprehensive approach to finding you the right person the first time. We have a 98% approval rating from our clients and would love to share specific references with you upon request.

For companies who want to work in the tried-and-true staffing process, we can do that. However, we don’t believe “one size fits all” in the business of hiring people. We work with companies who need a modernized and custom approach—because that’s what we do best. We go beyond the job description and resume to identify the unique person you can only discover face to face.

For Employers

With Chief of Staff – you’ll get:



We use a proprietary and personal approach to pre-screening and skills assessment, which makes us unique in our commitment to deliver top quality candidates to job creators.


Whether you have planned growth or need a last-minute hiring initiative, we have the right solution to identify who you need. We offer temporary, temp-to-hire and direct placement options. If your company needs a specific service and not an all-inclusive package, talk to us about some custom options, we’re flexible.

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We go beyond the job description as that only tells us a part of who would be successful at your company. We get to know you and your office culture so we can introduce the right candidate who will be a long-term fit.


We do all the heavy lifting: pre-screening, interviews (plural), skills testing, and we get all the necessary paperwork in order.


We are known for being responsive, thorough, friendly, and receptive to your needs. We are completely and entirely interested in learning about your business and value your input and feedback.


Hiring can sometimes feel like risky business. Let us offer you some added security so that if it doesn’t work out, we will make it right. Satisfaction guaranteed—it’s in the fine print!

How it Works

Our Recruiting Process.

  1. Set up a discovery call with our Talent Scouts.
  2. Host a meeting at your office where we get to know your hiring needs and your culture, team and company—inside and out.
  3. Check your inbox for Kansas City’s best talent!

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