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What Makes a Positive Company Culture?

Blog / January 31, 2024

Positive energy in the workplace carries over into all aspects of your business. Create and maintain a healthy company culture – watch your workplace thrive! But, what makes a positive company culture?

Below are 11 items you can embody to create a winning culture in your workplace.


Support and trust.

Healthy workplaces are fueled by trust. Trust is the building block to having a strong and healthy team in the workplace. Trust can take many forms, but it can look like employees having trust to make decisions, work independently, or work from home.


Continuous development, learning, and growth.

Your staff should  be encouraged to grow through every situation. Made a mistake? That’s okay. Let’s figure out what didn’t work, learn from it, and create a plan for the future to avoid the same mistake from happening. It’s all about growth.


Healthy and manageable challenges.

In a positive company culture, employees take healthy risks and step outside of their comfort zone. Your team should feel safe to take on challenges that are manageable and produce growth.


Staff is supported and appreciated.

Showing support is crucial. It is one thing to say you support your staff, but be sure to show them through action. Appreciation can be as simple as acknowledging gratitude for a teammate in a staff meeting, or taking time to help a coworker with a task during your free time.


Proactive problem-solving.

Problems arise every day in the workplace. Come together as a team to create a solution that makes sense. Ideas should be welcome and valued. Utilize each team members’ strengths to create solutions that work.


Strong relationships.

Working together with your team is important in any healthy company culture. Strengthen relationships by respecting each others’ time and boundaries. Strong relationships thrive off of respect. Make sure to show it!


Feedback is accepted and honest.

Again, growth is something that all positive company cultures strive for. To achieve this, staff should be open to receiving feedback. This feedback should be constructive, clear, and honest. Whether it’s written or verbal, giving feedback is essential for growth.


Team building opportunities.

Teams thrive off of collaboration. Provide opprotunities to engage in collaboration outside of work-related issues. This could be a trivia/game night, or even an escape room where your team comes together to problem solve. Let your team connect and take time to understand everyone’s strengths.


Diversity and inclusion are embraced.

Your workplace should celebrate and showcase diversity. “Diverse teams foster better employee engagement and productivity and they allow for better problem-solving abilities as varying perspectives often approach business challenges in a new way,” according to Donnebra McClendon, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ceridian.


Staff leads by example.

Everyone in a positive company culture leads in one way or another. Each person should embody the healthy culture they wish to be a part of. Contributing to your teammates, respecting others’ schedules, and being a trustworthy source in the office makes a difference!


Wellness program.

Consider adding a wellness program for your office. When your health is a priority, you feel great and perform better. The importance of mental health has been emphasized more and more in recent years. Including things like EAP programs with access to affordable or even free counseling can go a long way.


Overall, a positive company culture is somewhere staff deserve and want to be a part of. Knowing what makes a healthy culture is the first step. Now you can put it into action!


Written by Kendall Jackson

Marketing Specialist at Chief of Staff KC


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