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What is a Virtual Assistant?

As a Virtual Assistant, you are a remote resource for a company and are paid by the hour. Being a VA is perfect for those who aren’t able to work full-time, but still have the skills necessary to help a growing company and want to make some money in their free time!

Virtual Assistant Skills


Administrative/Fielding Calls
Industry Research or General Research
Email Management—Professional and/or Personal accounts
Database or Data Entry Management
Marketing Support—Blog content, Email Campaigns, Marketing materials

Personal Assistant needs
Accounting Support – QuickBooks, A/R, A/P – General Bookkeeping duties


Technical Support
Sales Support
Specific Software Knowledge or Certifications
Operations Support


How it Works

Identifying the correct client for you.

If you are interested in being a Virtual Assistant, a Chief of Staff Recruiter will conduct a sit-down interview with you to discuss your individual skills and assist with identifying the correct client for you.

A discussion regarding how many hours you are looking for will dictate whether you support one or possibly more than one client. Note that there is no guarantee on a certain amount hours on any specific week, work is on as needed basis.

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