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Best of KC

Best of KC: Best Ways to Beat the Heat in KC

Best of KC / July 30, 2021

Welcome back to Mask-town. In this sweltering heat and humidity. This was supposed to be hot girl summer, but this isn’t what I had in mind. Though in reality, my plans never align with what actually happens. But that’s a story—Why God Punishes Me—for another day. Let’s go back to this humidity and explore the best ways to beat the heat in Kansas City. 

Drink up

Best Ways to Beat the Heat in KC

I don’t mean liquor, I mean water. Lots of water. I have nothing against day drinking—or nighttime drinking, for that matter—but make sure you’re also hydrating in the process. Cut your alcohol with soda water, regular water, or a beverage with electrolytes. Trust me, it’ll help you feel better in the morning. And if you truly hate the blandness of regular tap water, invest in some seltzer waters or add in some fruit. My favorites are lemons and limes. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some nutrients into your body in the process. 

Get wet 

We don’t all have the money or space for an in-ground pool in our backyards. And I don’t know about you, but the garden hose just doesn’t do it for me. [That’s what she said] Covid has kept a lot of the public pools and spray parks closed for the summer, but most are open. For now, anyway. 

Oceans of Fun

Open 11AM to 9PM almost every day, Oceans of Fun boasts tube slides that are five stories high, slides and geysers, a wave pool, and best of all, a lazy river. Pack your sunscreen, but have a blast! 


I would honestly come to Pinstripes for the food alone and every night of the week has a meal and drink special. Whether you prefer bowling or bocce ball, it’s a great place to connect with friends and escape the heat without feeling like we’re in lockdown again. 

KC Sports Lodge 

It’s too hot to run around and play outside, but it’s perfectly comfortable at KC Sports Lodge in Independence. Rent a turf field, basketball court, or sand volleyball court by the hour, or just come in for Open Play for $5. There’s also a golf simulator, party room, concessions, and lounges. There are leagues for kids and adults and enough multi-use spaces to accommodate almost any event. 

Great Wolf Lodge 

Is Great Wolf Lodge really the best indoor water park in Kansas City? Well, there’s only one way to find out. With tube slides, hot springs, and smaller slides and pools for toddlers and little kids, there’s really something for everyone. Go up for the day or book one of their themed suites perfectly suited for kids and indulge in some of their massive pizzas or Bear Par Sweets & Eats. 

Best Ways to Beat the Heat in KC

Topgolf in Overland Park 

Not only are the bays at Topgolf heated in the winter, but they’re cooled in the summer. Order some cold drinks and a cookie crumble sundae and tee off for the whole afternoon. It’s not cheap, but healthcare workers and teachers play at a discount. 

iFly Indoor Skydiving 

Ok, admittedly I’ve never tried it, but I do have an iFly gift card in one of my junk drawers. So I plan on trying it. And if this heat continues, this may be the week. And even if I end up chickening out, it should be pretty entertaining to watch other people attempt it—right? Also, did you know they host STEM field trips for all age groups?


If you do end up outside, at the K for a Royals game or at the zoo or a playground, dress appropriately. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing. Wear sunscreen and a hat and stay in the shade as much as you can. And if you’re truly in trouble and need a place to go, these cooling centers around the metro offer a true oasis. Otherwise, lay perfectly still on your couch, watch the Olympics and put someone in charge of keeping your cup full. Also, for some career advice, check out our website at

Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh