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Best of KC: Best Coffee Shops

Best of KC / August 22, 2019

The kids are finally back in school, which means after sending them on their merry way, you can go explore the best coffee shops in KC. Or at least celebrate by treating yourself to some gourmet coffee and a fresh pastry. And if you don’t have kids, there’s probably something to celebrate—football season is nearing, cool weather is around the corner, Labor Day, you name it. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Kansas City. 

Crows Coffee 

With three locations, one in South Plaza, right across from Whole Foods, 301 E. 51st St, one on 75th St in Waldo, just west of Wornall, and one on Red Bridge Road, Crows Coffee is growing. With a variety of coffees, traditional espressos and cappuccinos, teas, and seasonal drinks, they also feature breakfast burritos and a variety of pastries. Plus $2 off any beer or glass of wine during happy hour! 

Hi Hat Coffee 

You know you’ve found a unique, local spot if they don’t even have a real website, just a Facebook page and lots of Yelp Reviews. Located at 50th and State Line in Westwood Hills, Hi Hat Coffee is a little neighborhood coffee shop with chai teas to write home about and some very unique lattes. 

Broadway Café 

At 41st and Broadway in historic Westport, Broadway Café boasts great service, great coffee, some really phenomenal pastries and pretty low prices. And perhaps best of all, come for the chill, casual atmosphere, good music and board games.  

Westport Coffee House 

Still in Westport, check out the Westport Coffee House. Nothing fancy, but it does have sandwiches, ice cream, smoothies, and desserts in addition to your standard coffee menu. But the best part might be the improv comedy shows and live jazz in the basement. 

Oddly Correct Coffee Bar 

Boasting a really friendly, fun atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, Oddly Correct also has outdoor seating, a variety of egg and biscuit sandwiches, and Hana’s donuts, not to mention some pretty unique craft coffees and complex pour overs. 

Parisi Café in Union Station 

You’re at Union Station anyway—probably for Science City or one of the rotating special exibits—you might as well stop into Parisi for some freshly brewed coffee. You’ll have a wide selection of lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, hand-brewed teas, Italian sodas, and more. Try some biscotti, a scone, cinnamon roll, yogurt, fruit, frittata, or one of the many salad or sandwich options maid daily. 

The Roasterie 

Well, it wouldn’t be a very accurate list of the finest coffee places in Kansas City if it didn’t include the Roasterie. After all, it’s been voted Best Coffee Shop in the metro by KC Magazine five times and counting! With too many café locations to mention, and their signature air roasted coffee and Harney and Sons teas served at each one. Plus pastries, bagels, cookies, donuts, and merchandise! 

One More Cup 

Whoa, this menu is bigger than the shop itself! At One More Cup, you can select espresso, cold brews, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, teas, Italian sodas and more. Or try a smoothie—with vegan options available— a milk shake, or a root beer float. And the foot selection is even more varied. Coffee cakes, granola bars, croissants, muffins, bagels, Hana’s Donuts, Fletcher’s Sandwiches, even gluten free options. 


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh