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What Not to Do on Social Media When You’re Looking for a New Job

Blog / September 6, 2018

A job search can be stressful. You’re constantly worried about making sure you’re presenting your best self. And nowhere is your persona more public than on social media. Though it’s a great way to network and find opportunities to advance your career, it also opens you up to scrutiny by hiring managers and prospective employers. In fact, most companies research job candidates using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, make sure you’re following these rules when you’re hunting for a new job.

Be a hard worker

Don’t post any pictures or comments that make you look like you’re a bad employee—lazy, unmotivated, or not doing your job. When you post anything related to your job, make yourself seem professional, hardworking, and enthusiastic. And definitely don’t post any complaints about your current job or boss!

Stay engaged on social media

Since most employers are looking up candidates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s tempting to just disable all your accounts so you don’t risk any of your old college party pictures being found. But don’t! Many hiring managers are skeptical of applicants with no online presence, convinced they must have something to hide. So stay online, but in a professional way. Remove pictures of yourself that make you look irresponsible or distasteful. “Like” the companies you’re interested and engage in conversations that are relevant to your industry.

Proofread, then proofread again

Check your grammar and spelling before you post! Employers want to hire someone who’s careful and detail-oriented. And make sure your comments and posts are clear and make sense to readers.

Be consistent and truthful

Make sure that the details you’re putting on your resume are the same as what’s in your online profiles. In other words, if your resume says that you’ve been working as a receptionist for four years, but your Twitter account keeps referencing your job as a barista during that time, it’s time to do some editing. Be honest—hiring managers can always detect a like. Or they’ll find out the truth when they check your references.

Be positive

You want to come across as hardworking, diligent, open-minded, and enthusiastic, so keep your posts and comments uplifting and optimistic. Don’t post any comments that might seem racist, sexist or discriminatory. Most companies have strict discrimination policies, so if you violate that policy before you apply, you probably won’t make it very far in their application process.

Be yourself

Yes, you should sift through your online presence, checking to make sure everything on there is appropriate, but make sure your true personality still shines through. Showcase your hobbies and personal interests, so you come across as fun, thoughtful, and great to converse with.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh