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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Blog / September 25, 2018

The world of employment is changing! It’s not enough just to offer your employees a salary and health insurance anymore. Many employees would rather have flex-time and more control over their roles instead of inflated salaries. If you want to make sure your employees are satisfied with their jobs and engaged in their daily tasks, then you need to change your culture. Show that you respect and value your employees. Here are four simple ways to improve the workplace culture.

Disseminate a consistent message 

Communicate your company goals and show your employees how their actions contribute to those goals. When they understand how valuable they are towards the company’s bottom line, they’re more likely to be more conscientious and focused on their responsibilities. Introduce your employees to your customers so they can see who they’re producing for and why quality is so important. A lot of times, putting a face to a name helps your workers to feel more invested and engaged, knowing that their efforts benefits someone, not just an arbitrary customer. 

Give your employees more control 

It’s understandable that schedules can be rigid, but if you can grant some control and choice to your employees, they’ll feel respected and appreciated. You might be able to let them choose their schedules, choose which projects to work on, or give them the option to work remotely. Sometimes work can be boring, but providing your employees a little variety and freedom is a good way to keep them satisfied.  

Let them give feedback 

Make your employees feel valued by giving them the chance to voice their opinions. Validate concerns and address them as best you can. Show your workers that their work matters. If you have the means, invest in their career advancement. Offer to sponsor workshops or seminars or any other type of professional development for your employees. And when you can, treat them. Bring in breakfast or coffee, host a happy hour, or celebrate when you meet a team goal.

Be available and engaged

If you’re sitting around waiting for your employees to feel engaged, show that you’re engaged. Be approachable and show that you’re passionate about your work and your employees’ well being. Have an open door policy and listen to their concerns with respect. Offer advice and constructive criticism and answer questions. It’s your job to develop their skills in an effort to help them advance their careers.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh