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The Positive Impact of Employee Engagement

Blog / February 15, 2018

Employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards the mission and core values of the organization they work for. It has a direct impact on how productive, efficient, and innovative an employee is. When employees are engaged, they care about the well-being of their company and work hard to make sure it’s successful. In an organization with engaged employees, there’s less turnover, fewer incidents of employee theft, fewer safety mishaps, improved performance, and better attendance. 

Commitment is higher 

When employees buy into the company mission and goals, they become devoted to the organization, their supervisor, and their co-workers. They’re consistently concerned with producing quality work and are less likely to burn out. Turnover, a costly annoyance in any industry, is low when employees feel loyal to the company. 

Less theft 

When employees are committed to the company’s well-being, they don’t want to see it damaged in anyway, so they won’t cheat or steal from the organization. And if they discover that another employee or customer is being dishonest, they’re more likely to report it, committed to protecting the company in any way they can. 

Fewer safety mishaps 

Engaged employees are more careful because they’re paying closer attention to what they’re doing. They can tune out diversions that might distract them or divert their focus. They’re also less likely to make a mathematical miscalculation or other type of blunder. You can trust that their work is accurate and that mix-ups are rare. 

Performance is improved 

Dependable employees are also more willing to go the extra mile. So not only will their work be impeccable, but they’ve probably put more effort into it. Employees who are really focused on their work are more innovative in their daily tasks and are creatively initiating methods and ideas that yield greater efficiency and productivity.  

Less absenteeism

If employees are committed to what they’re doing, they’re much less likely to take a day off when they get the sniffles or when they were out too late the night before. Instead, they’re excited to get to work and tackle their projects each day. They know the health of the company depends on them and so they’re anxious to help power it to meet its goals.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh