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Job Search Fails

Blog / October 18, 2018

The internet’s been abuzz lately with the story of the woman who was caught on tape applying for a job at a job fair by the local news. She had tried to be discreet by visiting the fair during her lunch break, but the newscast was seen by her coworkers and supervisors who didn’t know she was job-hunting. Oops. She kept her job for the short-term, but it’s certainly not a good way to ingratiate herself to her current employer. Here are a few more job search fails, some are just absurd. You’re welcome.  

A little too confident

One job candidate introduced himself by name then said, “But you can call me Tigger! That is the nickname I gave myself.” Another apparent narcissist referred to himself as his personal hero. Another interviewee refused to answer a question about past achievements because he was worried they would steal his ideas. Another candidate brought personal photo albums, which is just…trying too hard.

Smart phone mishaps 

And smart phones have added another element of hilarity to the interview process. One candidate tried to Google the answer to a question. Another tried to secretly record the interview. Another kept her headphones in her ears the entire interview. And we’ve all been in meetings before when someone’s cell phone rings—oops!—but standard protocol is to apologize and quickly silence it. When this happened to one candidate, however, he denied that he even had a phone on him…but it was clearly ringing. And one man answered his phone, mid-interview to schedule an interview with a competing company. Another blatantly checked Facebook during the interview. And one man, apparently hungry, called his wife to ask what was for dinner. In an interview??! 

A little lazy

One candidate admitted that he doesn’t like to read or get up early. Another said he didn’t want the job if it meant he’d have to work a lot. Uh, thanks for coming? One woman used the first couple minutes of the interview to call in sick to her current employer. Another interviewee asked to be paid “under the table.” Ugh, if only!

Love sick 

One man asked for the name and phone number of the receptionist because he really liked her. Another reached over and placed a hand on the interviewer’s knee. One man questioned—OUT LOUD—whether he’s really the father of his daughter. And another man asked if his wife, who worked at the company for which he was interviewing, was cheating on him. Yikes—no one needs a messy love triangle on their payroll! 

Legal troubles

One interviewee commented that he would do whatever it takes to get the job done, legal or not. Another said he had to quit a banking position because he was always tempted to steal. These are not things you should ever admit. Ever. One woman crashed her car into the building as she arrived to the interview. And another confessed that he had left his old job for “kicking someone’s butt that really needed it.”  

Just weird 

One woman sat in a yoga pose during the interview. Another candidate popped out his teeth when discussing dental benefits, and another man acted out a Star Trek role. One interviewee kept fidgeting and repositioning his duffel bag, which turned out to have a dog inside. One candidate arrived in a jogging suit because he was going for a run after the interview. Physical fitness, always a priority. And finally, to really end on a high note, one man set fire to the interviewer’s newspaper while reading it when the interviewer said “impress me.”


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh