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Best Halloween Costumes for Work

Best of KC / October 25, 2018

Halloween is the best! But sometimes it’s a little tricky to figure out how to celebrate at work. Like, “slutty nun” is probably not going to go over well with your boss. And a super creepy ghoul, complete with really detailed and graphic make-up is probably too much—especially if you’re meeting with customers. Or children are nearby. You’re not trying to end your career here, you just want to have a little fun and score a little candy. Here are some of the best costumes—and most of them can be done on a budget at the last minute.


You can do this one in a tame, work-appropriate way! Some black leggings, black boots, and some black cat ears that are super-easy to find this time of year.  


Classic. You can decide whether to go creepy or fun—though aren’t they all a little creepy? Some wacky colorful clothes, a giant bowtie, a wig, a red nose, maybe some make-up. Extra points for balloon animals! 


Get some sunglasses, dress in all black, maybe some gloves! Act elusive all day, duck around corners, and pretend your stapler is a listening device—be professional when you need to.


You just need some black clothing, a black widow’s peak, some plastic teeth, and black lipstick. Simple! And borderline terrifying! 

Where’s Waldo? 

Another easy one! Red and white stripes with a matching hat, some thick black glasses, and jeans. Be annoying and keep asking your co-workers if they spot you!

A mime 

Classic and easy. White make-up, black and white clothing, a red scarf, white gloves, black hat. And then you have a really great reason not to talk to anyone around you. For the day at least. 

Sugar cookie 

Or if not a sugar cookie, your office probably has some sort of inside joke about a particular food item—maybe those stale mixed nuts that are always sitting in the break room. Or the M&M’s that people are always hoarding from the receptionist’s desk. Go as that food item and make your co-workers laugh! 

Kimmy Schmidt 

This is one of my favorites, but I don’t think I have the hair to pull it off. A tiny backpack, bright, mismatched clothing, and a perpetual smile!

A minion! 

Who doesn’t love a minion? Black boots and gloves, yellow top, some overalls, some goggles or minion glasses you can order online. Don’t forget to carry around bananas and speak in gibberish all day! 

The Handmaid’s Tale 

You need an old choir or graduation robe with a hood! Or is there another show that you and your work friends are just obsessed with? Pick a character and run with it! A white walker? Jack Ryan?

Squad goals

And then there are always clever costumes that are best done in groups or with a partner. Fruit salad—everyone can be their favorite fruit. The Magic Eight Ball—dress in black and each member can have a bluish, whitish triangle taped to their shirt with a saying from the famous fortune-telling toy. Ghostbusters—khaki jumpsuits, some backpacks, get creative! Or Stepbrothers—some sweater vests, brillo hair wigs, a set of drumsticks. The possibilities are endless!


Happy Halloween!


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh