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How Should I Clean Up My Social Media During My Job Search

Blog / February 28, 2019

So you think you’ve mastered social media. You’ve got a pretty clever Twitter handle, an Instagram account that’s a favorite among your friends, and best of all, you’ve got a Facebook page that shows off your life’s highlights from the past seven years. Great. But now you need to find a job. And think again if you think that hiring managers don’t really check your social media pages. Surprise: they do! It’s time to reign those suckers in. Here’s how you should clean up your social media during your job search. 

Don’t hide away 

It looks suspicious if you don’t have an online presence at all, like you’re hiding a malevolent past. Instead, use social media to your advantage! Connect with valuable contacts and showcase your talents, skills, and experiences.

Google yourself

It’s okay to admit. We’ve all done it. Google yourself and see what comes up. It’s probably a flood of pictures and tweets and random posts—even if you think you’ve kept it all private. If you find some unpleasant discoveries after searching your name, change your privacy settings or delete the guilty posts and photos. 

Tweet with a filter 

It’s okay to tweet. Just remember that anyone can see those messages and they show up in a Google search. Pretend that some really powerful being who’s some combination of your grandmother, your second grade teacher, and your most-feared boss is reading every single one of your tweets. That should keep you in line.

Check your FB privacy settings 

More often than not, people you don’t know can see pictures you’re tagged in or posts that have mentioned you. Take the time to make sure your settings are on private so you know exactly what friends and strangers can see about you.

Build a network 

Be proactive about building your network. You can’t expect people to help you find a job when they’ve only just met you. Make connections in your field before you need something. Follow career experts. Join online groups that are relevant to your industry. Share articles and “like” relevant posts. If you already have an established network that you can call upon when you start to looking for jobs, you won’t have to worry about scrambling when the time comes.

Have online limits

As valuable as social media can be, make sure you’re not overusing it while you’re at work. You never know how closely your company is monitoring your online usage—you’d hate to get caught searching for new jobs while you’re sitting at your desk. Or griping about your boss in a Tweet. In fact, it’s best not to use your work computer or email account at all while you’re job searching.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh