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Discovering Your True Hiring Needs

Blog / February 14, 2019

When you’re ready to start hiring, you have to first plan out the whole process. If you haven’t thought about what you really need, what qualifications you’re looking for, or what your ideal candidate looks like, you risk stalling out, leaving potential hires waiting for you to make a decision. And the most talented, qualified candidates won’t hang around for long—they’ll get snatched up by a competitor! And then you risk making a bad hire, costing your company time and money. Here are some things to consider before you move forward in your hiring process.  

Outline your job description 

Keep a written description for every role in your company on hand. More than just a list of responsibilities, this document should lay out the purpose of the role and how it functions within the company.

Picture the ideal candidate 

Have a clear idea of which qualities are absolutely necessary and which ones you can compromise on.

Provide adequate training

It’s your job to train and orient your new hire. If there are skills or licenses that they should have, figure out how to provide that. Can they take an online course? Attend a workshop? Can some of your other staff help out? 

Establish the logistics 

For each open position, decide whether the replacement will be a short-term or a long-term hire. Are you replacing someone who has left or is this a totally new role? If you only need someone for a short duration, to meet seasonal demand, for example, it’s probably cheaper and easier to hire a temp. It’s best to be as upfront as possible with all your candidates, so you don’t string someone along who has different expectations from what you’re planning on.

Hire in-house

The easiest way to fill a role is to consider your current staff. Who’s ready to step up? If you can promote another employee, you’ll save yourself some time and energy trying to determine whether the candidate is a cultural fit. You already know that he’s fairly loyal and has experience in the industry. You can quickly see whether he has proven successful and check with his manager to evaluate his readiness.                                                

Search your network 

If you look outside your company, check your network first. Casually mention to friends and colleagues in other companies that you’re hiring. Post it on LinkedIn and Facebook pages and ask people to share it. Or a recruiter can help you find the best person for your job opening. Recruiters have access to a huge network of qualified candidates who they can screen and interview while you concentrate on your job.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh