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Don’t Get Fooled by a Great Interviewee

Blog / August 8, 2019

Let’s be honest, some people interview really well. They’re charming and tell you everything you want to hear. They can make you think you’ve found the perfect candidate. Ask the right questions so you don’t get fooled by their charisma. Here’s how to determine whether a great interviewee will make a great employee. 

Dig into their qualifications 

Do they have what it takes or not? Ask about their qualifications or experiences—what makes them a good match for this job? You can always train someone in new skills, so decide which qualifications are absolute must-haves. By asking the candidate about what they think make them a good fit for the job, you can also determine how much research they’ve done into your company and how well they understand your hiring needs. 

Measure their cultural fit 

Ask about their work habits and ideal work environment. If they prefer to work alone, but you have a more collaborative atmosphere, it might not be a good fit. Do they generally need more direction or can figure things out on their own? How much praise and feedback are they used to? Someone who doesn’t match up with your company’s style might have trouble fitting in and might even affect the balance of the rest of your team. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something to consider. 

Assess their resilience 

Find out what achievements they’re most proud of and why. Are they really proud of something because they worked really hard to earn it? Or because they received a lot of recognition for it?  And then ask about a time they overcame a challenge. How did they handle the stress of a difficult circumstance? Were they composed or panicked? 

Ask about goals and motivation 

If hired, what’s the first thing you’d tackle in this position? Not only will this tell you how well they understand the job and what’s expected of them, it’ll tell you how ambitious and motivated they are. A lot of people can talk the talk of ambition and drive, but they don’t actually have a plan for how to get it done. You can also ask about a skill they need to work on and are looking to improve. Do they have real plans to develop a skill or learn something new? You’ll learn how self-aware and driven they are. 

Find out about passions 

Passionate people make motivated people, so find out what drives them, both personally and professionally. Do they love your industry? Do they love learning new things and tackling new challenges? Ask what attracted them to this position in the first place and what they’d be most excited about if they’re hired. A genuine enthusiasm can give you some insight into how hard they’ll work for you and how long they might stay at your company.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh