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Why You Should be Using a Staffing Firm in a Tight Job Market

Blog / May 10, 2018

In a tight job market, both employers and job seekers are looking for more effective ways to connect. Job boards can be overwhelming and crowded, and traditional job postings run the risk of missing some of the most qualified and highly valued candidates. It’s not an efficient process. In a market where companies need to sell themselves to the candidates, using a staffing agency is faster, less expensive, and you’re guaranteed accountability and invaluable expertise. Here are six reasons to use a staffing agency in a competitive market.

Recruiters access talent

Staffing agencies present candidates who are superior to those you attract with a simple job posting. They’ve pre-screened the applicants, so you only need to look through the most exceptional resumes. Many top candidates who aren’t actively looking for work use agencies to casually scan for great job opportunities. These are the talented people you won’t encounter if you simply use a job board.

Staffing firms know what to look for

Since hiring is all they do, agency recruiters know exactly what traits and qualifications to look for and what to filter out. In fact, most agencies specialize in specific industries so they have access to a certain pool of qualified candidates and know the skills sets you seek. Without a staffing agency, you have to weed through all of the unqualified applicants on your own time.

They work tirelessly

Staffing agencies are accountable for the hires they advise you to make. When you find that a new employee is a bad fit, an agency can find a new placement in less time and for less money.

Other options are possible

Temp-to-hire options is a good choice when tasks or responsibilities for a new role are still unclear. It allows for the chance to test out a role without worrying about a potential problematic firing later on. Small businesses may choose to use this option to fill positions when you need extra help and end the relationship when it gets too expensive or unnecessary.

Hiring cost reduction 

It’s estimated that the process of hiring someone costs 33% of their annual salary. Staffing agencies can alleviate some of that financial burden and expedite the process in a more comprehensive way. Additionally, your company is charged with the task of selling itself to the candidates. You have to offer additional training opportunities, make sure your public perception is stellar, and increase your compensation and benefits packages. But a staffing company can do this for you!


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh