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The One Surprising Step You Should Take to Find Your Next Opportunity

Blog / July 18, 2019

Finding a new job is never easy—there’s a lot on the line! You want to maximize your salary range, find something you’re qualified for, match up with work you’ll love, and find a company culture you fit into. And hopefully, you’ll also find something that helps you advance your career and accomplish your long-term goals. There’s a lot you need to focus on to get it right, but there’s one step you can take that will for sure find you a great opportunity—work with a staffing agency. 

Get acquainted 

As they get to know you, your recruiter can help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for and what your priorities are. Recruiters can help you navigate the path. From there, your recruiter can help you identify interested companies, coordinate interviews, and clean up your resume. 

Great connections 

A staffing agency can connect you with all the right opportunities. It’s like you’re delegating all your job seeking tasks to a talented and experienced team of people. They already have connections at lots of companies and hear about job openings before they’re made public. 

Ongoing support 

Even after you’ve found and accepted the right job for you, a staffing agency will continue to support you. After onboarding you, they’re committed to staying in touch to make sure you’re doing well and that you have everything you need. Some recruiters will walk you in on the first day, introduce you to your new team, and check in every few weeks to make sure you’ve gotten the proper training and your experience is going well. 

Free services 

A lot of jobseekers shy away from working with a staffing agency because they’re worried about the cost, but the best part about working with a staffing agency is that it’s free for jobseekers. The companies they hire for are the ones that pay the agencies. And there are so many options for your employment there. The staffing agency can help you find a temporary position, a permanent position, something part-time or something full-time. They’re priority is building long-term personal relationships.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh