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Job Seeker Tips

Telltale Signs You Got the Job

Job Seeker Tips / January 21, 2021

Hopefully you know that feeling—you bounce out of the interview room with confidence! You know it went well, though you can’t quite put your finger on why. You just feel good about the whole job interview and you’re pretty sure you got the job. Or at least that you impressed them. But no matter how good you feel, there’s always doubt that seeps in, that makes you question whether it really went well. But you don’t have to wonder anymore. Here are seven telltale signs you got the job.

Your interviewer had funTelltale Signs You Got the Job

If you sense that you interviewer enjoyed the conversation and had a good time, genuinely smiling, nodding, and making good eye contact, you can be pretty sure the interview went well. You may have even gone over your allotted time, too caught up in conversation to pay attention to the clock.

You earned a tour

If you got a tour after your meeting—or even some introductions to some of the other employees—it’s a pretty good indication that they’re pretty interested in you, that they’re considering you, want you to know more about the company, and want to impress you. The longer they keep you there, the more likely they want to hire you.

They were selling you

If they spent interview time trying to prove that they’re the company for you, bragging about benefits, exciting perks, and some of their recent achievements, its probably means they’re hoping you accept when they send an offer your way. They’re doing everything they can to win you over.

They asked for your references

Hiring managers don’t usually ask for references if they’re not going to bother calling them, so consider it a good sign if they ask for yours. It means you’ve already made it to the next round and they’re looking for ways to separate the most elite candidates from all the rest. If they mentioned a background check, that’s even better! Those are expensive, so they’ll only run those on their absolute favorite candidates.

The goodbye was sentimental

Did the goodbye take longer than usual? Maybe it seemed like they were lingering, savoring every last bit of conversation. It means they already feel comfortable with you and they’re trying to make sure you leave on the absolute best of terms.

Follow-up is very clearTelltale Signs You Got the Job

If they’re very upfront and specific about the next steps in the process, that’s a very good sign. If they’re vague or generic, leaving things kind of up in the air, it means you’re probably not getting called for another interview. But if they say exactly when you’ll hear back or who will be calling you, it means they’re probably sincere and you can expect some sort of good news. Make sure you leave them with the best way to contact you and pick up the phone when you see their number show up on your screen!

You get a call back

If you get called back for a second or third interview, good news—it means they like you! Stay on your game. Dress appropriately, prepare, and be engaging, enthusiastic, and confident all over again!

If you noticed any or all of these things during your interview, these are very good signs you got the job. Or at the very least they are very interested. For more advice on optimizing your job search and making sure you nail your interview, subscribe to our newsletter. If you want some help in your job search, get started with us!