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Taking Too Long to Get Hired?

Taking Too Long to Get Hired? Here’s How to Shorten Your Job Search

Job Seeker Tips / September 10, 2020

The job market is competitive right now. Most companies have put the brakes on their hiring, and a surplus of job candidates means that employers can take their time and be really picky trying to find the most qualified and experienced candidates. In fact, the average interview process lasts more than three weeks—super stressful for jobseekers.

Meanwhile, positions are sitting open while other employees are overworked, and top candidates are accepting offers from competing companies. Here are six steps to shorten your job search so you can find a position that’s a perfect match for you.

Get to know the employer’s hiring process

Check out the company’s website and soak up everything you can from their career page. You might even log onto or to read reviews and speak at length with anyone you know who works there. Any extra piece of knowledge might give you a leg up on your competition.

Keep asking what’s next

Find out how many interviews there will be and who soon and in what format—panel, phone, individual. Ask if there’s any additional information they need from you, such as references or drug testing, and follow through on that as soon as possible. Don’t give them a reason to skip over you because of something you neglected to do.

Be agreeable and helpful

Do what you can to speed up the process in your favor. Send thank-you notes to each person who interviews you. Instead of simply saying ‘thank you,’ use the note to echo your experience and qualifications and remind them that you’re a perfect fit for the job. If they ask you to fill out additional paperwork, do it as soon as you can. Ask any friends, family members, or former colleagues who work there to put in a good word for you.

Adjust your expectations

Employers will tell you that you can expect to hear from them by Friday. Or that they expect to make final decision sometime next week. But keep in mind that there a lot of moving parts to make that decision happen. Someone will go out of town. Or an important project will pop up that demands their attention. Focus on your job search and don’t dwell on promises from potential employers. If they tell you they’ll be making a decision on Friday and you still haven’t heard from them on the following Tuesday, don’t stress. Wait another day or so and then give them a call or send out an email to check in.

Cast a wide net

There’s a lot you can’t control in this process, but you can control how many opportunities you seek out. If one doesn’t work out, have a few backups ready. Keep your momentum up by continuing to network and apply for new positions. Don’t get frustrated by one setback. Instead, celebrate even the smallest of successes and keep moving forward.

Secure a good job

You look even more appealing to potential employers when you already have an offer on the table. It’s proof that you’re a qualified, experienced candidate! If you get an offer, let the other companies know in a timely, professional manner. As soon as one offer comes in, other companies will rush to top it.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh