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Stop Waiting! Stop Procrastinating at Work Today!

Blog / August 15, 2019

We’re all guilty of procrastination from time to time—it’s practically human nature. We know what we’re supposed to be doing, but something else it’s just so much appealing. Instagram. Solitaire. Your Facebook feed. Even simply chatting about your weekend with your colleagues. And we’re probably procrastinating because it’s challenging or tedious or just time-consuming. But we’ll pay the price in the end. If we procrastinate today, it’ll just mean even more work tomorrow. Fortunately, there are some surefire tips to tackle procrastination that you can use immediately. Here are six of them. 

Organize yourself 

Use a planner or the calendar app on your phone to keep track of your assignments and due dates. After all, it’s a lot easier to procrastinate if you have no idea what’s due when. Then, create a timeline for when you’ll do what and set reasonable deadlines that you can stick to. If your boss isn’t expecting an assignment until Friday, go ahead and get it to them by Wednesday. That way you have a little breathing room if something goes wrong. Plus, your boss will be impressed with your diligence and discipline, which might come in handy later on when you seriously need an extension for a very valid reason. They’re a lot more likely to forgive you if you have a stellar history and they can trust that you to get it to them as soon as possible. 

Eliminate distractions 

Be honest—your phone is a distraction. Whether it’s Snapchat, Candy Crush, or your group texts that keep dinging, each time you glance down at your phone is several additional seconds that it will take you to find your focus again. Try classical or motivating music instead, or if it really comes down to you, pure silence. 

Take breaks 

The drudgery of your daily tasks can be draining, but a short break here and there can energize you. Go grab coffee with a colleague, take a quick walk around the building, get outside, or allow yourself five minutes on your phone. Time it and stay disciplined. Then, get back to work with renewed energy! 

Reward yourself 

Give yourself an incentive to stay motivated. If you meet your goal by your deadline or even just put in a certain amount of hard work without getting distracted, treat yourself to something. Coffee. Lunch with a friend. Ten minutes of Instagram or your favorite website—whatever keeps you moving forward. 

Do the hard part first 

The hard part is probably the part you’re avoiding, so if you do it first, when you tend to have more focus and energy, it’ll soon be over. Then you can move along to the easier tasks and really feel accomplished. 

Tell someone your goal 

Sometimes telling someone else about your goals or deadlines is a good way to keep yourself accountable. That person might check in with you to see how things are going or you might just appreciate the incentive of having another person to celebrate with when you reach your goal. Either way, it’s another way to keep you driven and a little support from your friends never hurts either.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh