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Start Your New Job With These 4 Tips

Start Your New Job With These 4 Tips

Employee Tips / January 7, 2021

Congratulations on your new job! Changing jobs is always stressful and even more so when you’re getting acquainted with new people while wearing a mask and trying to gauge everyone’s boundaries. The first three months are usually an extension of the interview process while you navigate social and organizational norms and learn to please the new boss. But if you’re prepared for those first days, you’ll be more focused, more at ease, and more successful. Here’s what you should concentrate on as you start your new job.

Focus on the major playersStart Your New Job With These 4 Tips

Get to know the names and (upper) faces of people you report to and find out who might be valuable resources for you. While you shouldn’t overdo the social chitchat—you want your coworkers to know you’re serious—you should introduce yourself and build a network of alliances and trusted colleagues. Not only will these people help make your job easier, but having social contacts at work is important in overall satisfaction. Look for ways to offer favors to others and figure out who your reliable sources of feedback are.

Observe and learn

Be prepared to be an enthusiastic learner in the beginning weeks and months. Observe how the company functions and how they achieve their short-term tasks and long-term goals. Take a tour of the physical space as well as a tour of the organizational structure. Know how each department works and interacts with the others and what specific responsibilities are. Listen and ask questions, without seeming like you’re second-guessing or criticizing the process.

Earn the confidence of othersStart Your New Job With These 4 Tips

Remember that early achievements make good first impressions. Demonstrate that you possess the skills that the company hired you for to begin with and document those successes in a way that will be useful at review time. Check in after completing each assignment and ask for feedback. Keep track of your accomplishments and when you receive positive reviews. This will help when it is time for future performance reviews and salary negotiations.

Keep the boss informed

Learn how your boss likes to communicate and how frequently. Sit down with them at the beginning to review expectations of you, company priorities and goals, and challenges typical of your new position. You may want to set up weekly meetings to allow for course correction or constructive criticism. Be open to feedback and show your manager or supervisor that you are eager and willing to improve.


A new job can be intimidating, but if you can minimize that anxiety through these tips, you’ll be better able to concentrate and focus your energy on achieving. Show off your skills and accomplishments, learn all you can, and establish solid relationships with those around you. For more advice on finding success in the new year, check out our website at

Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh