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It’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process in 2021

It’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process in 2021

Employer Tips / February 11, 2021

If you’re like most business leaders nowadays, you tend to hire more frequently than companies have hired in the past few decades. While employees in the past stayed with their employer for almost all of their careers, workers today are more likely to move around chasing different passions and whys. Companies today have frequent vacancies they need to fill, but unfortunately, most companies don’t do it very well. Here’s how you can improve your hiring process for 2021!

Hire from the inside

It used to be common practice to promote from within your company, but many companies today outsource their hiring, which means people who aren’t familiar with your company. When you bring in totally new people, you have to spend more time and money training them than you would with internal hires. Post jobs internally—if nothing else, you’ll let your other employees know that there’s room for career advancement at your company, which is a really easy way to keep them from leaving to find a better job elsewhere.

Only post legitimate jobsIt’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process in 2021

Some companies post “fake” jobs just to collect resumes and contact information to stock their database of viable candidates for a real opening down the road. And some companies even leave job posts up on their website even after they’ve been filled for the same reason. But this misdirection means that you’re not necessarily matching the best candidate to a specific job. Instead, you’re just bringing on a candidate you like who might be a good cultural fit, but who’s not necessarily qualified to full any role there.

Have realistic expectations

Many applicant tracking systems scan resumes and qualifications and because of their black and white decision-making ability, they frequently dismiss good candidates. These candidates might have enough soft skills, but because they didn’t meet every single little requirement, their application gets eliminated. When you use human recruiters, however, you have the flexibility to bring on people who aren’t fully qualified but who are really passionate and driven to learn.

Focus on active candidatesIt’s Time to Review Your Hiring Process in 2021

Active candidates are a lot easier to hire than passive candidates because they’re actually looking for jobs. Passive candidates require a larger salary in order to leave their current job and accept a new one whereas active ones will accept jobs because they want better work and opportunities for advancement. They’re generally more ambitious, more passionate about work, and committed to improvement. So, if you opt for passive candidates, know that you’ll probably have to pay more.

Improve your interview process

Conducting good interviews really is a skill. It’s a challenge to craft questions that really will predict who makes a good hire. Be consistent across candidate and keep any biases you might have out of the room. Most of all, it’s a chance to assess how well the candidates fit into your company’s culture.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh