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Is December a Great Time to Look for a Job?

Is December a Great Time to Look for a Job?

Job Seeker Tips / November 19, 2020

And just like that, 2020 was over. Well, almost. We still have to get through Thanksgiving. And those other winter holidays, while Covid-19 case numbers are higher than ever.  But wait, there’s a bright side! Believe it or not, December also know it’s a great time to find a new job. It’s tempting to put off your job search until the New Year, maybe after there’s a vaccine or the world starts opening up yet again. After all, you think, many companies aren’t even hiring right now. Or are they? Here are four reasons why December is the best month to find a new job.

Everyone else is busy too

Yes, despite this very atypical year, most people are still overwhelmed with the year-end holidays. There aren’t as many gatherings and parties as a normal December, but people are still shopping and putting off networking until early spring. In fact, they’re so overwhelmed that many of them will put their job searches on hold until after the New Year as well. This means less competition for you, so you can stand out from the crowd. While most people are hiding out in their homes, loading up their online shopping carts, you’re working hard to get yourself noticed and land that perfect career opportunity.

Recruiters pay attention to youIs December a Great Time to Look for a Job?

Decreased competition means that recruiters will have more time for you. They’ll spend more time examining your resume, reading your cover letter, and interviewing you, which gives you a better chance to stand out and prove that you’re the qualified and talented candidate they’re looking for.

Companies have extra money

Believe it or not, most companies want to make hires in December. They want to return from the winter holidays refreshed and not having to worry about recruiting and hiring. They want to start January first with a fresh, smiling face in their office—someone who’s energized, willing to learn and take on new responsibilities. Plus, most companies have that “use it or lose it” money in their annual budgets, meaning they’re posting new positions and looking to hire.

December is networking monthIs December a Great Time to Look for a Job?

Okay, not in 2020, but in a typical year, your calendar is loaded with holiday happy hours, parties, school concerts, Santa brunches, and family get-togethers. Even if you’re not actually sharing physical spaces, appetizers, and drinks right now, you’re probably at least thinking about your friends and family right now. Whether you’re starting to collect Christmas cards already or just wistfully reminiscing about your usual holiday traditions, December is a great time to reach out to people, catch up, and let them know what kinds of opportunities you’re looking for. Keep your interactions open-ended and social, but don’t hesitate to tell people you’re looking for a new job.


Yes, December can be a great month to look for a new job. For more tips on interviewing and optimizing your job search, check out our website at

Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh