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How to Prepare for Your First Day on the New Job

How to Prepare for Your First Day on the New Job

News / December 23, 2021

You did it! A new job! Let me be among the first to congratulate you. A new challenge is exciting, so don’t mess it up by being unprepared. First impressions are crucial. As you lead up to the big first day at your new job, take some time to complete paperwork, plan your wardrobe, practice your commute, figure out your new schedule, and do any research that might be useful. Oh, and calm your nerves. Here’s how you can prepare for your first day at a new job.


Plan your outfit

 And not just for that first day. Remember that there are five days in a week, so grab a few signature items that you can rotate through and mix and match. I’m not a stylist, so don’t ask me for help, but I can tell you that you should try everything on to make sure it fits well and is clean or even freshly pressed. Look your best so you feel your best. New shoes? Belt? Jacket and tie? Use this time to prepare. You can reimburse yourself when that first paycheck arrives. And don’t forget to stay in step with the company’s dress code. 


Pack your bag

 Look back through emails and paperwork to figure out what you need to bring on that first day. Driver’s license? Tax forms? Benefits preferences? Gather those materials and pack a briefcase or professional looking bag with a folder, notebooks, and pens. Pack up the night before your new job starts. Trust me, you don’t want to be rushing around in the morning. They’ll provide you with most supplies, but it never hurts to be prepared, especially if you have to take notes unexpectedly. Also, throw a lunch or some snacks into your bag. Someone might treat you to lunch since it’s your first day, but in case that doesn’t happen, you don’t want to get hangry. You won’t win friends that way!


Practice your commute

 Literally drive the drive. Or ride the subway, walk the walk, whatever. Yes, you’ve been there, but do you know what that travel’s like during rush hour? Test it out! Don’t be late on the first day of your new job. In fact, leave 10 minutes earlier than you’ve calculated just in case you hit bad traffic or weather or something else that delays you. If you’re early, you’ll really impress them! Or you can just sit in your car and check your email for 10 minutes. Either way, it’s a win.


Research the company

 I mean, you probably already did this to prepare for the application process, but a little extra info never hurts anyone. Even if it’s just to know who’ll be working for and with. Re-read your job description, the company’s mission statement, and the names of important personnel you’ll be working with. Who do you report to? If you know someone who already works there, grab coffee with them to pick their brain about important information you’ll need to know. Or better, ask them to bring along one of your future coworkers so you’ll have a friendly face on that first day of your new job.


A prepared person is a calm person. If you go in having done all the prep work, you’ll feel more confident and ready for any challenge thrown your way. For more tips on how to prepare for your first day on the job, check out our website at