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How Servant Leadership Can Improve Your Business

Blog / March 28, 2019

Servant leadership is the idea that leader of the company should support and empower employees instead of directing them. Ideally, the employees can make their own decisions, while the leader simply provides guidance and direction. Servant leadership has flipped company cultures on their heads because it encourages leaders to help their employees instead of the other way around, making employees feel respected, trusted, and fully engaged. Here’s how servant leadership can improve your business.

Employees feel respected

When you encourage your employees to make decisions, they’ll feel trusted, respected, more confident, and more loyal to the company. They’ll do everything in their power to see it succeed.

Employees can voice ideas

In top-down leadership, employees don’t always have the opportunity to share their opinions. Instead, their innovations and inventions are often stifled because employers reserve all decision-making power for themselves. But under servant leadership, employees are invited to implement their own ideas, allowing them to do the job they were hired to do.

Experts make decisions

Employees on the frontlines every day, so they’re the ones who are best equipped to make important decisions. The managers know a lot, but they don’t always have enough information to tell employees how to do their jobs. They have to trust that employees will do what’s best for the company.

Skip the red tape

All companies eventually develop procedures burdened with red tape and roadblocks that ultimately slow the decision-making process. Under top-down leadership, even the best ideas need to be approved by several different managers, many of whom don’t know all the relevant details. Servant leadership, meanwhile, allows the employee to make important decisions whenever they need to.

Leaders do the dirty work 

To fully understand what type of support employees need to do their jobs, a leader has to know what it’s like to do each and every role in the company. This way they can hire the best, most capable people and thoughtfully provide them with the necessary resources. They’ll know exactly what additional training is needed and what advice to offer.   

Employees are satisfied 

When employees make their own decisions, they know they’ll be held accountable for them. They’ll do what they believe is truly good for the company to keep it competitive while their managers work tirelessly in the background to provide any resources they need.



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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh