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5 Ways to Find a Great Job This Fall

5 Ways to Find a Great Job This Fall

Job Seeker Tips / September 2, 2021

Whaaa—? Is it fall already? We barely even had a summer! Sure, it was hot, but we’re still in pandemic mode, so I would like more, please. Here are five ways to find a great job this fall. 

Narrow down your search 

If you know what motivates you, it’ll be easier to target companies that match those skills and ambitions. Create a list of jobs that meet your criteria and make a spreadsheet to match positions to criteria. Then you can use the spreadsheet to track to status of each application. Read the job description thoroughly before you apply, so you don’t apply for jobs you don’t qualify for. You might think you’re casting a wide net applying to as many jobs as possible, but you’re just wasting everyone’s time if you’re not a good fit. 

Tailor your resume and cover letter 

Each resume and cover letter you send should be customized to the position you’re applying for. Period. End of story. Believe me, employers can tell when they’re getting a form letter that you’ve reprinted half a dozen times. List your most relevant experiences and skills first so they stand out to hiring managers. 

Alert your network 

A lot of jobs never even get publicized, so the more people who know you’re looking for a job the better. Let people know that you’re searching and ask about openings. Connect with friends, alumni, and former colleagues and ask if you can send them your resume. Identify the most influential people in your network and ask to meet them for lunch or coffee to discuss your goals, skills, and experiences. It doesn’t take much for someone to mention your name when an opening pops up. 

Attend events 

Think industry events, conferences, relevant lectures and seminars, alumni events and training sessions. Introduce yourself to people and mention that you’re looking for a job—chances are someone knows someone who can hook you up!

Use LinkedIn and job boards 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect you with the right people. You can search your target market based on your industry, your qualifications, and interests, and it’ll connect with the people who can help you—potential bosses and human resources departments in your industry. Many companies use job boards to find the right candidate. Find the right job boards for your skill set and qualifications and put your resume there. Use a catchy headline that captures attention and update your resume frequently—once a week or so—so employers know it hasn’t gone stale.


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh