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5 Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated at Work & at Home

5 Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated at Work & at Home

Employee Tips / July 1, 2021

In today’s competitive, tech-driven environment, it’s easy to get frustrated or complacent, especially if you’re still stuck working at home. But if you stay focused on your purpose for living and working, you’ll stay motivated to be busy and active at home and successful at work. To be self-motivated, stay positive and remember why you’re working. How does each task you complete relate to your own life and to others? How are you making a difference and contributing to something important? If you want to accomplish more, you need to think of the big picture.

Set attainable goals

Are you overwhelmed by a large, daunting project? Break it into smaller chunks so you recognize when you’re making progress. Make a to-do list of single, more manageable tasks and feel successful each time you cross an item off your list. Set mini-deadlines for yourself. Tell yourself you want to finish a certain chore in the next 30 minutes, or before you leave for lunch, and then hold yourself accountable.  

Be an optimist

5 Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated at Work & at Home

When you’re positive and confident, you will make constructive, beneficial decisions that move you toward your goals. You can control how you think and feel and act with self-affirming statements. Choose to be success and visualize yourself achieving it! A mental picture of yourself completing a job or trying something new can be very inspiring and make all the hard work seem worth it.

Create new challenges

If you’re bored with your existing tasks, ask your boss for some new responsibilities. Try to make it fun for yourself. Approach old tasks in a new way. This little change might give you a new perspective and new energy. At home, try cooking a new dish. Or a new workout class! Something new that fits into the bigger picture of your life goals can trigger your inspiration and streamline your focus.

Find a social support network

5 Strategies to Help You Stay Motivated at Work & at Home

Be aware of how certain people affect your mood and focus. Surround yourself with mentors, colleagues, and supportive friends who will listen and share ideas. You want people who will help you develop new skills, give you guidance, and encourage you to try new activities or challenges. Meet or touch base with these people frequently, especially when you feel you need a boost of energy. And minimize your relationships that are negative or distracting. You don’t have to sever all ties with these people, but maybe you don’t hang out with them as frequently, especially if you’re trying to focus on your work.

Acknowledge your accomplishments

When you complete an assignment, meet one of your mini-deadlines, or accomplish a personal goal, celebrate! Reward yourself with a break or a walk, grab a snack or another cup of coffee—you earned it. Treating yourself and keeping life fun will help you stay motivated!


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Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh