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Grow your company by adding a marketing expert.

Considering expanding or attracting new business? Hiring a marketing expert is crucial. Doing it yourself may not yield optimal results. Invest in a qualified marketing expert with the passion and expertise to drive your business forward.

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Our Marketing division is devoted to finding the best talent KC has to offer. We are often tasked with placing the best recruits in marketing jobs such as:



Marketing Assistant
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Manager
Marketing Director
Director of Marketing

Chief Marketing Officer
Graphic Designer


Content Specialist
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Trade Show Coordinator


How it Works

Looking for high performing marketers? Chief of Staff is up to the job.

At Chief of Staff, we approach recruiting differently than most other firms in town. Our process involves getting to know your business inside and out in order to truly find the best fit, both for your culture and the skill set you’re looking for.

High-performing marketing professionals can be difficult to find. Our team will identify qualified candidates who are capable of critical thinking and making smart marketing decisions on behalf of your brand so you can rest easy knowing that your team is growing with the right people.

About Us

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We work and play in many industries because we know how to find the best talent out there, regardless of what your company does. We are very proud of our service that comes from an ideology and a sincere belief that we can impact job creators and job seekers.


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