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Best of KC

Best of KC: Chiefs Memories

Best of KC / September 24, 2020

Football season is back! Thank the good Lord! Personally, I was skeptical once the NFL canceled the preseason and teams enacted strict social distancing protocols in the midst of this global pandemic. Then the Big 10 canceled their seasons, followed by thousands of districts and rec leagues. But the need for football is strong and so the NFL and most college teams persevered! It seems that the more we learn about this virus, the more we learn how to mitigate risks and continue living. So the fans are limited, the crowd noise is fake, revenue is lost, but the football is real. Here are some favorites Chiefs memories to remind you why we wear red in the fall. Best of KC: Chiefs Memories

Chiefs beat Raiders, 1997 

Waaaaay back in 1997, there was perhaps no bigger stage in sports than Monday Night Football. So to defeat the Oakland Raiders—division rivals—on national television is no small feat. With about a minute left to play, the Chiefs needed a touchdown to win and had the ball on their own 20-yard line. Quarterback Elvis Grbac began the nearly impossible drive with a 21-yard pass to Lake Dawson, then another 20-yard pass to Brett Perriman. With 3 seconds left, on the Raiders’ 33-yard line, Grbac threw it to Andre “Spiderman” Rison, who had just been signed as a free agent and was playing in only his second ever game as a Chief. 

Montana Magic in Denver, 1993-4

Obviously, any game where you defeat one of your division rivals is a pretty significant memory. Especially when you’re in their home city and a hostile environment. And historically, most teams don’t fare particularly well when playing at altitude at Mile High Stadium in Denver. But Joe Montana did!—overcoming a long stretch of the Chiefs losing to the Broncos on the road. Joe Cool went out there and pulled their hearts out on the final drive of the game. And even to this day, there’s nothing better than sticking it to John Elway. 

Beating the 49ers, 1994 

Remember Joe Montana? Yeah, of course you do. He was practically a has-been by the time he got to the Chiefs, and definitely an underdog when matched up against San Francisco quarterback Steve Young. But he persevered, leading his new team to defeat his old team in Arrowhead Stadium. Derrick Thomas had three sacks and Montana threw two touchdown passes in the victory.   

Pete Stoyanovich defeated the Broncos, 1997 

Yes, 1997 was a big year for the Chiefs. And a big year for kicker Pete Stoyanovich. Quarterback Rich Gannon had driven the Chiefs down to the 37-yard line with time ticking down, setting Stoyanovich up for a 54-yard field goal to win the game and defeat John Elway and the Broncos. The kick was long and low, only clearing the crossbar by about a foot, but that’s all it took to keep the Chiefs alive in the race to win the AFC West. 

Best of KC: Chiefs MemoriesPriest Holmes setting scoring records, 2003 

Though he may never make the NFL’s very prestigious Hall of Fame, he’ll always have a special place in the hearts of Chiefs fans. For the entire league he holds the records for most touchdowns in a season, most points scored in a single season, most rushing touchdowns in a single season, and most consecutive games rushing for touchdowns. For the Chiefs, he holds more career touchdowns, most points in a single season, and most 100+ yard games in a career. He even holds some records for the—ahem—Baltimore Ravens, but maybe this isn’t the week to discuss them. 

Chiefs beat Raiders at Arrowhead, 2006 

It was November 2006, Trent Green’s first game back from a severe concussion. The Chiefs took the lead with about two minutes left in the game and the Raiders needed a touchdown to win. Aaron Brooks—remember him?—put up a deep ball and suddenly the Raiders were at first and goal. Next Brooks threw to Randy Moss in the end zone, but it was intercepted by Chiefs safety Jarrad Page. The stadium practically exploded with noise as the crowded celebrated the end of the game. And then, just four days later, the Chiefs beat the Broncos on Thanksgiving Night. Two division wins in less than a week is a pretty big deal. 

Chiefs beat Seahawks at Arrowhead, 1998

After so much rain had fallen that officials had to delay the start of the game Arrowhead practically looked like a swamp. Andre Rison, again a great signing, had a career long 80-yard touchdown, making it look like he dove from the 10-yard line and soared into the end zone. It’s also the game where the famous photo of Derrick Thomas sitting on the field in the rain was taken.


We didn’t even have time for Dante Hall igniting the crowds with kick returns in 1997, the nine-game win streak in 2003, anything Bo Jackson, or even our most recent Super Bowl winning season led by Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill. For more Chiefs mania, fantasy football advice, or perhaps a little guidance advancing your career or, check out our website at

Blog written by Erin Greenhalgh